YoungStars 2017


Get in there bro!

Featuring [Bad Unicorn] Silly Snowmen Gacha @ The Arcade
Wearing from Meshmerized:
MM< Hipster Jeans
MM< Classic Coat
Meshmerized – Fingerless gloves
M;A< Scarf – Pattern

Hair:  Modulus – Simon Hat & Hair
Sneakers: [Dea...

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Featuring [Bad Unicorn] KV Power Lines @ C88

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Hero Of War

[Bad Unicorn] Smokers Set @ TMD Set Includes: [Bad Unicorn] Smokers ‘Lighter’ – Wear [Bad Unicorn] Smokers ‘Cigarette’ – Wear [Bad Unicorn] Smokers ‘Ashtray’ – Decor [Bad Unicorn] Smokers ‘Cigarette’ – Decor [Bad Unicorn] Smokers ‘Pack of Cigarettes’ – Decor [Bad Unicorn] Smokers ‘Pack of Cigarettes’ – Wear —————————————————————————— Hair – Dura-B97-HAIR-FAT PACK3 Head – […]

Freak Show

Decor! Bumper Car – [Bad Unicorn] @ The Arcade ‘Red’ Bumper Car (wear to ride!) – RARE Teddy (holdable) – [Bad Unicorn] @ The Arcade ‘Pink’ Bobo Bear – Sicko Show Gacha Free Entry Sign – [Bad Unicorn] @ The Arcade ‘Pink’ Bobo Bear – Sicko Show Gacha Entrance – [Bad Unicorn] @ The Arcade […]

Friday Shopping Fun

 Spent the morning roaming around shopping sims, events and even Gacha fleamarket! Fell in love with this cute outfit from Zenith, which is a gacha at Kustom9. Got lucky and got the rare my first try. I was planning to play it three times as I usu...

A Girl Can Skate

Roaming around my new neighborhood a while was fun today. I was feeling a bit lazy but decided to just grab my board and venture out. After all it was a nice day today and a teen needs her exercise (ewww). It was a bit quiet but I did meet some nice pe...


 Happy mid Summer! Things for me have been a bit slow online. Had a vacation with my family IRL and having a month vacation from SL due to summer break at my school. Ive had a lot of time to do well, a lot. Yet I have not done much. hehe I guess i...

Modern Mod Style

Recently in Fashion Class at school we had an assignment to do "Decades." One of my besties Justina wore a 60s Mod Style type of outfit and it inspired me. Had the outfit ready to go but was missing the shoes and hair. Then today when I went to Uber I ...

Cats, Belonging and School

I love school. I know your thinking why would you want to go back to high school as an adult and RP a teen? Well, many reasons. For one I went to an all girls catholic boarding school IRL. I didn't experience high school like they have it on tv. So I a...

Morning Jogs

I've always loved to jog in the morning. Something about the air it just feels so clean and crisp. When you breathe it in and out it almost feels euphoric like cleansing bad vibes and just letting anything stressful go. *deep breathe* Ahhhh...Picked up...