Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: But…But…It’s Really Ending Tomorrow?

I had so much for at the faire today. I can’t wait to go again on Monday. I’m gonna get my face painted again. And gonna win another stuffed animal. And gonna another another stuff animal. And I’m gonna do the ink blot test again at Static. And win another fish at the ring toss. […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: The Golden Cervitaur

Jinx is a store I have never heard of before, but I am stunned by what I have seen so far at the Fantasy Faire this year. It took me awhile to get through most of the review copies and to sort them out, but I am really glad I took the time. The antlers […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Bad Omens III

I’m coming. All the signs have been foretold. The “good” forces of Faerûn may have defeated me generations ago, but I will rise. I may be in a child’s body now, but I am Asmodeus. The humans and elves have subjugated my children for too long. The Teiflings are little above your slaves, your servants, […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Go Get ‘Em, Boy

Predator or prey? Humans weren’t meant to survive here, so you have to get crafty. This pocket of prehistoric life has survived for eons, removed far from the rest of existence. How did I get here? I’m still trying to figure that out. Have I gone back in time? Have I fallen into some massive […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Bad Omens II

Those of on the surface hate us, scorn us, spit at the sound of our name: Drow. We are the dark elves, the cured ones, the ones who followed Loth when she rebelled against the other gods. But not all of us are evil. Some of us bide our time before we can join the […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Bad Omens Rising

Moon Elves live well into their hundreds, so most do not set out for adventure in their lives, but the ones who do wait until they’re at least 90. However, this young one has felt the call for freedom since he was born. He was special, could see things that no one else could. His […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: The Universe Renews Itself

Every beginning is another end. The snake swallows his own tail. The universe expands and contracts. The tides pull in and out. I am the Alpha and the Omega, everything is the Alpha and the Omega. When universe renews it’self, it take the form of a child. A child new to everything. He ventures forth, […]

All Night Gaming!

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Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Clan of the Cave Boy

Nestled in the peaceful valley of Kuruk, a clan of hunter-gathers live together with the grizzly bears. At birth, each child is paired with a grizzly bear cub that will be their companion for life: a fellow hunter, warrior, and friend. This morning, a boy of the age of ten, ventures out of the village […]