March, March, March, SPLASH!! – Cove Event Part 2

Sponsored Items [KD] BEACH SHIRT – for Youth Body at the Cove Event [KD] BEACH SHORTs – for Youth Body at the Cove Event < SP > Ice Cream Arm Floatie – Strawberry at Cove Event < SP > Ice Cream Ring Floatie (wearable) – Strawberry at Cove Event Credits [Jester Inc.] Swim Fin! [Jester […]

Sunny Days are Here Again: Cove Event Part 1

I blog a lot of clothing that I love, but these shorts are so me. I love the colors, I love the pattern, I love how bright and sunny they are. My friend Noah made this outfit and his store is called Little Duckling. I did mix and match two different outfits from his event […]

Boy Can Do Ballet Too!

As a RL little kid, I was not allowed to do anything considered too girly, and the more my mother forbade me, the more resistant I became. By the time I was at the end of elementary school, my mother couldn’t really keep me from things like that anymore. When I picked a musical instrument, […]

Black Lives Matter

I see what racism does to a community every single day I got to work. In real life, I am a homosexual man, and while I have been discriminated against many times, the word GAY is not tattooed on my forehead. People can look me right in the eye and never know I am a […]

Making a Lazy Day, A Crazy Day

Like so many people, I’ve been stuck inside a lot these days. I pretty much only leave to go on a walk at the beach or go shopping for groceries when I run out of food. I am at increased risk for the virus, so I haven’t been able to go out to show my […]

Cosplay: Honey Senpai

Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka or Honey Senpai is a character from the anime Ouran High School Host Club. Lots of shenanigans in that series. Credits Meshnix – Formal Suit (Full Perm) for Tweenster Tram I0129 Hair AESTHETIC HOT NECKTIES FAT PACK – Black by {CA} CALIGULA Hana Eyes – Apricot – By Demicorn more more. yuki […]

Listen to Your Kids

Kids don’t start out with hate in their hearts. Kids don’t start out fearing others. Or fearing you. Listen to them. Watch them. They’re watching and learning from you. Someday you might not like how they feel about you. Credits -{Feral Youth}- Pride 2020 Tank – Group Gift for Youth Body -{Feral Youth}- Pride Shorts […]

Rock On

Credits INSPIRE Sleeveless Hoodie Dark/ Light Stripe for TweensterINSPIRE Baggy Sweatpants Dark/ Light Stripe for Tweenster[ rD ] RFL Rock On NecklaceStealthic – Haunting HairLe Mont- PRS Burgundy E-Guitar Le Mont-Amp LegendBeu Collection...

Mondrian Coat for Tweenster

Credits Mondrian C-Coats – 1 – for Tweenster by Just Drakefloorplan. umbrella gacha / shit blueTram I0129 HairBeu Collection (Eyes) – Blue and Brown by GloomPhoto taken at Backdrop City