TweenStar Look 1: Audition

Today I had my audition for TweenStar 2020, and this is my first look for the competition, which lasts through the end of August. Since the shutdown and after blogging for Fantasy Faire, this is what I’ve been looking forward to most all year in SL. I’ve also got the final of FashIcon coming up […]

Stick em’ Up

I hope you are all doing well during this summer. RL and other things in SL have captured most of my attention this week, so I haven’t been able to focus on blogging at all. I did find a bubble gun at BALACLAVA that I had to share with you. Take care everyone. Be kind […]
AviStars 2019 – Calling for the first audition!

AviStars 2020 – Calling for the first audition!

  We have received your applications and have looked at them with interest. We are very happy about everyone’s excitement for the upcoming AviStar competition and […]

Don’t Try to Drag Me Down

Credits Dots – Pet Snake Female Rig available at The Darkness Event Tank Shirt for Tweenster by Meshmerized E.V.E {Dystopia} Ashes & Ice Flower [inferno] E.V.E {Dystopia} Ashes & Ice Flower [Black] {DEMICORN} Cursed Eyes – Rose (Catwa Applier) Dura Boy 88 Hair Bento Splitting Tongue by 6Doo HARO Orc Ears at Vale Arcadia Ayakashi […]

Donut Rain on my Beach Day

Sponsored [KD] DONUT LOVER TOP & SHORT (PINK) – YOUTH at Color Me Cute Credits Donut Float – White – by Acid RainBALACLAVA!! Oliver Glasses & Shades (Jade)Modulus – Owen Hair LeftJunk Food – Cool Fun ...

Movie Night with Friends

Sponsored Items ZWEAR Tweenster Tanktops – Camo Pink (comes with matching Shorts) ZWEAR Tweenster Socks – Camo Pink Credits Capri Pants for Tweenster by Meshmerized Pink Bunny Plush Standing by Liminality Pink Fox Plush Flopped by Liminality Pink Nessie Plush Happy by Liminality Pink Dragon Plush Sitting by Liminality [Bad Unicorn] Lucid Pillow Fort – […]

40 whacks with a pool noodle

Sponsored Items ZWEAR – Unisex Swim Shorts for Tweenster – Plain ColorsWetlook for Tweenster by Syrup Boy Credits Noodle Holdy (Kid) – Breaux Willow avaliable at the Summer Camp EventTowel – Tweenster by Dolly Dayd...

Cosplay: Pit from Kid Icarus

What can I say, Pit is one of my favorite video game characters, but certainly not from the original Kid Icarus game. I tried playing it on my 3DS and it was unbearable. Kid Icarus: Uprising, however, so unbelievable delightful. It’s no surprise why Pit and his clone Dark Pit have both been added to […]

Got it!

The best thing about being a kid, so you can have fun anywhere. It’s hard being alone so much these days, but you can make anything into a game. Just shooting down the bubbles can be super fun. I hope you are all coping well during these times and managing to have a little fun […]