King of the Jungle Gym

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and it got me thinking how little my birthday always has meant to me in RL. My family never really celebrated it when I was a kid and when I was in college I was about 3 years younger than my peers and I never had a lot of friends to […]

In the Eye of the Beholder

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I first started taking pictures in SL, I never wore a human avatar. To me being human was boring. Why would you pick human when you could be a demon, an or, or a vampire. That having been said, being human has opened up […]

It’s Called Heterochromia

One of my signatures in my SL avatar is my heterochromia, which is when all or part of one of your eyes is a different color. In most of my photos, I try to be true to my RL self, although my RL heterochromia is not as pronounced as it is here. My left eye […]

Art Class

Miss Martin is my favorite teacher! She teaches music and art! She teaches both subjects! I get to be in her class twice every day. This month we’re doing abstract paintings. It’s cool because I was really bad at drawing–and she makes you draw without looking at your hand–but this is just so much fun. […]

Susuin the Bard

I was one of the lucky ones, one boys born to a high house. One of the few boys taught to read, taught to fight, taught to survive. Most grow up or die in the mines, while their sisters thrive and flourish, or die because they made a wrong choice at court. I know now […]

The Changeling Boy

I had a mother and father once. I went to school, played football, took piano lessons. My teacher said my head was always in the clouds, that I was a dreamer. Maybe that is why they called to me. Whispered and sang to me until I followed them. Their voices were so sweet, I let […]
The Moment of Truth

The Moment of Truth

Demon children mostly don’t survive to adulthood. As children we have to fend for ourselves in the coldest depths of hell. We fight. We battle. We survive or we don’t. There is no brotherhood. There is no room for kindness or weakness. In the end, after centuries of scrapping and struggling to reach our adolescence, […]

Junior Varsity

I’m about halfway through my first year of middle school. Man, I was really scared to move up, but things have been going pretty well. Miss Martin’s my favorite teacher, but I also really like art class. My grades? Well, there not all good. And swim team? I still think I’m gonna quit soon. My […]

I’m a Good Boy, I Swear Part 2

Do you see the twinkle in my eyes? Do you see my halo? What about my…angel wings? Don’t be fooled, I’m a good boy, I swear. This is me. This is my normal. Most kid avatars are overly cute, but on my very first day on SL as a kid, I went demon. For over […]