What if…

Bob Ross lied and they’re not happy accidents but, in fact, mistakes? Horses are really land seahorses? Danny is actually Grump, and Aaron is really Not-So-Grump? I never catch ’em all? I’m not getting any bigger, but everyone else is getting smaller? What if eating boogers is the cure for Corona virus and no one […]

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Dinosaurs are the best! I am so super big now that I’m a sixth grader, and I know it’s not cool to like dinosaurs after the third grade, but I don’t care. Dinosaurs will always be cool to me. I get to feel like a dino in my new spiked hoodie from Meshmerized. Sponsored Item […]

Day 12 of Self Quarantine

Dear Friends, I hope you’re all doing well and are keeping safe. This has certainly been a hard time for a lot of people. I have only left my apartment once since they closed schools here. I am immunocompromised, so I am trying to be extra careful. This Saturday I’ll have drive 2 hours into […]

Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wildWith a faery, hand in hand,For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand. from “The Stolen Child” by W. B. Yeats Credits Inspire School Girl Outfit for Tweenster – Modified Classic Jeans – Skinny for Tweenster by Meshmerized Tram I0129 Hair Fairy Cluster – Yellow and Purple […]

Fending for Myself

Mom and dad still have to go to work, so I’m here all by myself all day while school is canceled. Normally, I get breakfast at school between first and second period, but so far I am managing on my own. I made breakfast all by myself! I’m being super grown up, too. I didn’t […]


I was looking for a distraction because today marks the first day away from work since the governor ordered all schools closed. I’ve been through this before when I worked at American schools in Korea. There was a pretty significant MERS outbreak a few years ago. Thank goodness for Second Life, though. I decided to […]

Modern Art: March FashIcon Challenge

This month’s FashIcon challenge was modern art. I decided to take inspiration from Rafal Olbinski’s series about umbrellas. Olbinski tends to play with contrast between red and blue, so I decided to work mainly in those colors. Also, I decided to bring this piece of modern art into the future by playing with a futuristic […]


I tried the swim team this year, and even though I love to swim, it wasn’t for me. I just don’t really like team sports, but I still like to keep active. After school, now that the basketball team doesn’t practice anyone, I like to shoot hoops by myself. It’s kind of realizing and it’s […]

It’s Almost Spring

Only 10 more days till spring! Although you know autumn is my absolute favorite season and I vastly prefer cool weather to warm, it’s going to be nice to see a bit of color brought back into our lives. My favorite time is when it’s still cool enough to need a sweater, but when the […]