Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: The Little Merboy

Thomas was a normal boy. He went to school, hated homework, dreamed of becoming a famous YouTuber when he got big. A year ago, his aunt and uncle took him on a trip to the Caribbean, and on a three hour boat tour, his ship was capsized. Of the seven passengers, he was the only […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay For Life: Quest Accepted!

Orcs can’t be paladins! You’ll never survive your younglinghood with that missing tusk! A human will never accept you as his squire! You’ll never win the favor of Pelor, you filthy orc! You’ll never be knighted! No one will trust you with a quest! Challenge accepted! When I was little–well littler than I am now–I […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: The Fiend Prince

The humans! They fear us…and for good reason. Our numbers rise. Our power grows. Over the centuries, they have rejected the ancient ways, the arcane secrets of their forefathers. But we embrace them, grow stronger in the depths of the Nine Hells. It’s true they defeated my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather in The Great Conflict, but only […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: New Treasures

Hidden deep in the forest of Queensgarden, a band of pixies and other fae have their own faire. In the late hours of the night, they collect what you lost the previous day. With all the shopping and the busy crowds, it’s easy to lose something precious. A teacup, your glasses, a marble, the coins […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: The Faun Boy

The faire is a joyful time, a time for people to come together and celebrate, but it can be busy and crowded. Some creatures prefer solitude and quiet. Sander, the faun boy, lives just outside the city in the region of Queensgarden. He is the protector of the Queen’s forest. An orphan himself, he takes […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Welcome to the Faire

I had been wandering for days in the forest, lost and alone. The trail was supposed to be easy to follow. The faire grounds should have been right there! In another day, I would have ran out of food and water. That night, I saw his eyes glowing in the darkness as I was building […]


Why do I Relay? I think you’d have to look pretty hard to find a person who has not been affected by cancer in some shape or form. My grandmother died two months before I was born from a long battle with colon cancer. I never knew her, but I feel she was the most […]

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: Icarus Falling

I took the leap. Followed my father. Had listened to all his warnings, but who could have warned me of this feeling. Ever since I was little, I had wanted to fly. Had dreamed I was one of the gulls circling the prison tower, one of the eagles defying the very will of the gods […]

Reach for the Stars

Dear friends, I have been slacking a little in the writing of my blog because I wanted to keep up with all my sponsors before the Fantasy Faire. In the coming weeks, most of my blogging effort will be focused on blogging for that event, though if my sponsors come up with anything new, I […]