YoungStars 2018


The Sun Will Come out!

*sings* The sun will come out, TOMORROW! Bet your bottom dollar that TOMORROW there'll be SUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!This year for Halloween I went as orphan Annie! It was a lot of fun to dress up and go trick or treating like this too. It was great to dress up ...

Fall Feelings

Our family has changed so much lately. Right now it's just me, mom, dad, and my sister Lesly. I just had my birthday so my parents decided to surprise us with a PUPPY! I'm so excited and happy to play with my new puppy. I'm gonna help take good care of...


Moving is one of the most stressful times in life. You're changing houses, sometimes your parents are changing jobs, and you have to change your room. You have all these memories in one place and you gotta try and bring them with you. I dunno about you...

One Good Day

Sometimes, all you need is one good day. I've been having them a bit lately and it's helped me see what life for what it is. Sometimes we get into our own heads and take things for granted. It's been nice to just have some good days for sure! I hope yo...


I love gardens. I love being outside. And I just love being playful! It's fun to play hide and seek and just be outside. It's my favourite place in the world! So I went outside my house in Acacia Falls and decided to try and take a picture. I look like...

Outta The Park!

Oh man! I was watching a baseball game on TV the other day and my team lost! I was so so mad. But it's okay it was so much fun to watch anyway! I just wish I could have found my foam finger to wave around hehe.Shirt: Flaminko - Mountie Baseball Tee (Fr...

#028 Night

    Alma Makeup Jessie are glossy lipsticks Exclusive for SENSE Event March 18th to April 8th, Emma colourful eyeshadows Exclusive SWANK March 7th to 31th. Bakaboo Persea Available @ On9 opens 9 March 12noon bonbon asa hair – fabfree group gift Rieri Town in Tokyo a realistic town, contemporary of Japan. Anúncios

#027 Water

    Alma Makeup Water Dubai Event February 20th to March 10th Bakaboo Queen Ali Gown Limerence Jinna hair The Imaginarium Calas Galadhon Park estate of 12 parkland sims founded in 2008  

#026 Nature

    Alma Makeup Joanne Exclusive for eBENTO Feb. 11th – 28th Bakaboo Roberta Outfit Available at On9 now TRUTH Kaijah Hair La Baguette Butterfles Netherwood Experience the natural beauty