#024 Breeze

    Alma Makeup Alicia Exclusive for SENSE Event January 18th to February 8th Bakaboo Moon Kimono Tableau Vivant Falling hair Gacha Shortfall – Collins Land – Japanese themed sim, a good place to take your time on a beautiful landscape. &n...

Cats, Belonging and School

I love school. I know your thinking why would you want to go back to high school as an adult and RP a teen? Well, many reasons. For one I went to an all girls catholic boarding school IRL. I didn't experience high school like they have it on tv. So I a...

Morning Jogs

I've always loved to jog in the morning. Something about the air it just feels so clean and crisp. When you breathe it in and out it almost feels euphoric like cleansing bad vibes and just letting anything stressful go. *deep breathe* Ahhhh...Picked up...

#023 Vacation

    Alma Makeup Eloise eyeshadows 2nd Chance Event January 7th – 16th & Miss Brown glossy lipsticks Designer Showcase January 5th – 31st Bakaboo Heather Dress Exile Flowers in the Sun Villareal Beach Resort  

Better Latte than Never

  Hello Everyone! A new year has come. I hope your year brings with it lots of good things for you. Decided to go out and get some coffee. The days are starting to warm up a little. Not too much though, they seem to be going back and forth co...

Holiday Season

The holiday season for me is always a little bit hectic. I had finals and then the holidays and now that the holidays are thru, I can get back to blogging more. With being in RL school full time as well as working, sometimes it's hard to find time to j...

#022 Snow

    Alma Makeup Snow are eyeshadows and lipsticks inspired in Winter Miwas Sakura crystal Crown LAQ Mesh Eyes Doe Hair Raising Persefona Fireflies

#021 Black or White

    Bakaboo Tosha Sweater, Pants & Boots barberyumyum Hair T03 Alaskametro Kristal sequin bodysuit Nekotron Cute Poses 5  

#020 Merry Christmas!!!

May this Christmas fill our hearts with love and peace. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!   Alma Makeup Christmas Bakaboo Christmas Outfit Angel Manor Christmas Hunt Hazy Sweety Santa. Antlers Doe Heartbeat Hair Lyrical B!zarre Holly Set JIAN...