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There are no evil races

It’s really cool to see Wizards of the Coast, publishers of Dungeons and Dragons, update the way they portray typically “evil” races in the game. Having inherently evil races stems from RL racism and is, to honest, lazy storytelling and DMing. Orcs and Drow are almost always portrayed as evil. Although, the whole alignment system […]

Hey, Kid! Gonna Share That Donut?!

I am sure he just wanted a little nibble. Sponsored Items [KD] BEACH TANK for TWEENSTER Credits Tweenster Body by Meshmerzied Donut Float – White by Acid Rain = REBELLION = “DOMINATOR” AVIATORS Just Drake Shortz CF-7B for Tweenster +T Trekking Sandals for Tweenster by Liva JIAN :: Great White Shark (Static – C up […]

Kid Thor

Strong and brave. They say I am those two things above all. Protect the humans. Protect the gods. But what good am I if I could only stand back and watch my brother die? Baldur was your hero, not me. I bring death and destruction. Baldur brought you happiness and life, and he took all the […]

I. The Magician: Tweenster Tarot

This is my second card in a series I am trying with the Tweenster Body reproducing the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Magician is traditionally depicted behind an altar with a sword, wand, chalice, and pentacle, the symbols of the elements air, fire, water, and earth, respectively. In my card I have modernized the […]

Come me if you want to…not get squirted!

Credits F} Tweenster Polo Chested Pirate by Flaminko at the Cove Event F} Tweenster cargo shorts stars by Flaminko at the Cove Event [VALE KOER] SQUIRT GUN = REBELLION = “COREY” BRACELET SET at Man Cave Stealthic – Hysteria Hair -[TWC]- MenDoCry Glasses Foggy -Black- okkbye. Wounded Knees Gacha – 5. On Your Knees (omega) […]

Me Be Silly? Never!

Put a suit on me and you’re asking for trouble! Credits Blazer Suit for Tweenster by Meshmerized Ecclectic Bow Tie – Zipped Black by Abrasive Stealthic – Hysteria Hair Orion Excuses Men’s Brooch by Chop Zuey Lux Aurumque Mens Cufflinks by Chop Zuey -[TWC]- MenDoCry Glasses Foggy -Black- Cherry Tot Tweenster Fitted – Emoji rings […]

March, March, March, SPLASH!! – Cove Event Part 2

Sponsored Items [KD] BEACH SHIRT – for Youth Body at the Cove Event [KD] BEACH SHORTs – for Youth Body at the Cove Event < SP > Ice Cream Arm Floatie – Strawberry at Cove Event < SP > Ice Cream Ring Floatie (wearable) – Strawberry at Cove Event Credits [Jester Inc.] Swim Fin! [Jester […]

Sunny Days are Here Again: Cove Event Part 1

I blog a lot of clothing that I love, but these shorts are so me. I love the colors, I love the pattern, I love how bright and sunny they are. My friend Noah made this outfit and his store is called Little Duckling. I did mix and match two different outfits from his event […]

Boy Can Do Ballet Too!

As a RL little kid, I was not allowed to do anything considered too girly, and the more my mother forbade me, the more resistant I became. By the time I was at the end of elementary school, my mother couldn’t really keep me from things like that anymore. When I picked a musical instrument, […]