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Why I love Halloween

I have been thinking recently about why I love Halloween so much. I have always loved horror, monsters, and scary … More

Care to Play a Game?

It won’t cost you that much. I love October and I cannot wait for Halloween. I’ve been kind of nostalgic … More

Inside Fanart

I don’t play a lot of video games, but you’d think I’d favor horror games. You’d be wrong, I really … More

Skater Kid

Sometimes I need to be alone, to do something I love by myself. The sounds of my longboard scraping against … More

When the storm breaks…

Flickr Post in the city there is this calm that I love. The light breaks, the mist rises, you can … More

Why I’m a Teacher

Flickr Post In real life, I loved school as a kid. Not because I liked learning or because I was … More

Orcs Can Be Heroes Too!

Why do I fight for them when they hate us? Sometimes I ask the same question, but the humans fear … More

School Picture Day

Like a lot of kids, I kind of hate school sometimes, and I kind of love it sometimes. There’s something … More

May I have this dance?

Flickr Post So much wish fulfillment today! Kids like me don’t normally get to be who they are at school … More