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AviStars is a pageant with three competitions, the TweenStar, YoungStar and AviStar competition, which allows most everyone to participate.


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  • AviStars 2019 - Second Application Round - Begin

    07/01/2019 - 07/14/2019  

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#028 Night

    Alma Makeup Jessie are glossy lipsticks Exclusive for SENSE Event March 18th to April 8th, Emma colourful eyeshadows Exclusive SWANK March 7th to 31th. Bakaboo Persea Available @ On9 opens 9 March 12noon bonbon asa hair – fabfree ...

#027 Water

    Alma Makeup Water Dubai Event February 20th to March 10th Bakaboo Queen Ali Gown Limerence Jinna hair The Imaginarium Calas Galadhon Park estate of 12 parkland sims founded in 2008  

Modern Mod Style

Recently in Fashion Class at school we had an assignment to do "Decades." One of my besties Justina wore a 60s Mod Style type of outfit and it inspired me. Had the outfit ready to go but was missing the shoes and hair. Then today when I went to Uber I ...


MISS SL 2019 Pageant finished, Dara Quinn is MISS SL 2019

MISS SL 2019 Pageant finished, Dara Quinn is MISS SL 2019

Last week Saturday we have concluded the MISS SL ♛ 2019 pageant with an exciting Grand Finale. The candidates have presented their final three outfits in […]

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